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What’s the SuperRare ecosystem?

Here's you guide to SuperRare, SuperRare DAO, the $RARE token, and all in between.

SuperRare Labs,
Jun 21, 2023
1 min read

What’s the SuperRare ecosystem?

SuperRare Labs,
Jun 21, 2023
1 min read

What is SuperRare? An art market? A community? A platform for curation? The answer to all those questions is, yes. Here’s your guide to SuperRare.

SuperRare Marketplace

SuperRare Marketplace is a hub for the sale of curated, 1/1 NFT artwork. Launched in 2018, it was the first marketplace of its kind in the NFT art space, and it hosts what have now become some of the most significant work and the most renowned artists in digital art. Artists have come to see being whitelisted on SuperRare as a career achievement, and collectors come to SuperRare because they know it’s a marketplace for quality art.

Qmdbj3nZbEjVNNDVqrNLeyMt9DBjrwX9qUAesDsMgj2QFN"Meta.SuperRare.Infinite" by Fractalencrypt on SuperRare

SuperRare Spaces

SuperRare Spaces are independent galleries within the SuperRare ecosystem. Space Operators are not employed by SuperRare Labs–instead, they are people active in the art world who submit proposals to SuperRare Space Races, or voting processes facilitated by the SuperRare DAO. Anyone who holds the $RARE token can vote in Space Races. Winning operators are invited to open their proposed Space, complete with their own digital gallery and SuperRare marketplace smart contract. You can see the list of existing SuperRare Space galleries here.

Space Operators are the only people other than SuperRare curators who have the ability to onboard artists to SuperRare. Other than onboarding artists, Spaces engage in many of the activities traditional galleries do, like selling artworks and organizing exhibitions.

The SuperRare DAO

The SuperRare DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization, is a separate entity from SuperRare Labs—while Labs maintains the protocol that the marketplace operates on, the DAO makes governance decisions about the SuperRare Community, like voting on Space Races or other activity proposals called SuperRare Improvement Proposals, or SIPs. The SuperRare DAO represents a partnership between the platform and its community, and is an embodiment of the ethos of decentralization. You can learn more about the DAO here.

The $RARE Token 

$RARE is the governance token of the SuperRare DAO. If someone wants to participate in DAO voting, they must hold $RARE. Some artists on the SuperRare Marketplace also accept payments for their work in $RARE instead of in $ETH. $RARE, and the SuperRare DAO, are built on Ethereum. You can learn more about $RARE here.

Get involved with the SuperRare DAO

If you’d like to hold $RARE or join and participate in the SuperRare DAO you can check out the DAO site here, or you can read our guide to participating in the SuperRare DAO here so you know what to expect.

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