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Jun. 20, 2024
We sat down with Jay Toups to discuss his latest series, “Corsican Stars.” Inspired by the book “Clo...
Jun. 11, 2024
We had the pleasure of sitting down with artist Mind Mechanic to discuss the influences behind his w...
May. 16, 2023
Keeping crypto assets safe is relatively easy, but slip up and scammers could take advantage of you.

Big ideas

If something looks too good to be true, it probably is
May 15, 2023

Who wins in web3?: Queer creators, bias, and the blockchain

Oli Scialdone interviews queer creators working in Web3 and considers whether there is less...

Sep 08, 2022

In defense of web3: A weekend on mushrooms with a whale art collector

Is web3 creating a more equitable art world, or just another playground for the rich?

Jun 01, 2022


The founders of the mutual aid DAO for trans and non-binary artists discuss their work and what it...

May 04, 2022

Cien años de revolución: How Carlos Marcial is leading Latin America into its crypto future

Or, how to avoid a hangover by drinking mezcal and talking about the future of Bitcoin and NFTs.

Recent Discovery articles

Jun 04, 2024

Curated Conversation: “The Last" by Hossein Goshtasbi

We sat down with Hossein Goshtasbi to discuss his latest Series “The Last,” which captures life’s fi...

May 29, 2024

Curated Conversation: Latest Series "I've Lost This Little Body of Mine" by Bhare

Dive into the latest curated conversation where we discuss the inspiration and background behind Sup...

May 14, 2024

Curated Conversations: Lindsey Price

This interview dives into the work of multidisciplinary artist and designer Lindsey Price. Price's a...

May 02, 2024

Curated Conversation:Latest Series "You Don't Bring Me Flowers" by Erin McGean

You Don't Bring me Flowers, is an on-going collage series that explores the historical constructs of...

Apr 24, 2024

Curated Conversation: Ayla El- Moussa

This interview dives into artist Ayla El-Moussa's latest series collection titled "Prelude To Integr...

Apr 24, 2024

Curated Release: A Year in Colour by Jake Andrew

Jake Andrew discusses his journey from childhood fascination with abstract painting influenced by mu...

Mar 27, 2024

Curated Release: Killer Acid’s first collection of Bitcoin ordinals

On Thursday April 11th, Killer Acid’s first collection of Bitcoin Ordinals “No Brainers” goes live. ...

Mar 14, 2024

Curated Release: In Conversation with Paper Buddha

If you judge a book by its cover, you will miss the beauty on the inside. The Paper Scrolls series e...

Mar 14, 2024

Curated Release: In Conversation with MiraRuido

In the captivating realm of artistic expression, Joseba otherwise known as MiraRuido embarks on a pr...