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Nov 08, 2023
1 min read

Curated Series: Autumnal Reverie by Philipp Rosenhain

Nov 08, 2023
1 min read



Curated Series:
Autumnal Reverie by Philipp Rosenhain

Cosmological Intercession

In Autumnal Reverie — Visions Beyond the Veil, Philipp Rosenhain takes us on a journey through the intersection of art, nature, and the human spirit. Each brushstroke is a bridge between the tangible and the ethereal, inviting us to explore the beauty of autumn and the depths of our inner world. This series focuses on autumnal tones of orange and red, repeating the sun and reflections, and stands as a testament to the artist's unique vision. It seamlessly blends Impressionism with the spiritual ideals of the Transcendental Painting Group. Through his work, Rosenhain not only captures the splendor of nature but also invites us to contemplate the transcendent wonders that await our discovery. With each piece, Rosenhain leaves us with a sense of wonder, nostalgia, and introspection, reminding us of the beauty that surrounds us and the limitless possibilities of the human imagination.

- SuperRare Labs Senior Curator An (@anloremi


About the Artist

Philipp Rosenhain is a complex artist with an innate drive to create. His dreamy, multifaceted work is profound, referencing meditation, art historical movements, and even the daily ritual of tea. His work varies from abstraction, landscape, and figuration in his uniquely personal aesthetic. In many series, Rosenhain combines physical, digital, and his own AI models in a fascinating process. He continues to innovate and push himself with every new piece.

Rosenhain incorporates significant quotes and personal poetry into his visual art. He is experimenting with physical prints and other manifestations of his work in the physical realm. His artwork is in significant collections of digital art and has been exhibited in Amsterdam, Berlin, and Tokyo.

Elegance in the Sacred Glow


Autumnal Reverie — Visions Beyond the Veil

Autumnal Reverie — Visions Beyond the Veil weaves together the evocative allure of Impressionism with the profound depth of Transcendentalism. Each piece is more than just a painting — it's an invitation, a portal into a realm where the tangible beauty of autumn intertwines with the ethereal.

At the heart of this collection is the concept of 'reverie,' a state of dreamy meditation. Just as autumn represents nature in its most introspective phase, these artworks capture moments of reflection, transition and inner stillness.

Yet, Autumnal Reverie goes a step further, infusing this impressionistic foundation with the ideals of the Transcendental Painting Group. As viewers delve deeper into each piece, they will discover layers of spiritual significance and symbolism. These aren't just depictions of landscapes — they are glimpses into the vast, boundless world that lies beyond our immediate senses. Each painting beckons viewers to look past the physical realm, to explore the mysteries of the inner landscape, the complexity of the human psyche and the infinite curtain of emotions.

This collection is a celebration of both the seen and the unseen. It's a tribute to nature's grandeur and the transcendental wonders that lie just beyond our grasp.

Included with each piece will be a signed physical print and handwritten, evocative poetry by the artist that invites you into a reverie state.

Noble Sunset

Inspirations - Creative process - Meanings and intentions

"Those golden autumn afternoons when the forest turns into this mesmerizing canvas of oranges, yellows and deep reds. That's where my journey began. On those walks, with each step, I felt the crunch of leaves and the embrace of inspiration.

I've always been carried away with Impressionism. There's something so magical about its soft, dreamy approach. And, on the other hand, there's the profound influence of the Transcendental Painting Group. Both movements are all about finding deeper, spiritual truths through art. So, a little light bulb went off in my head — why not marry Impressionism with the introspective depth of Transcendentalism, which can be seen while observing, especially Cosmological Intercession.

Starting off, I went pretty old-school, channeling my inner Monet with watercolor and tempera on paper. I loved the unpredictability, the way the colors would flow, blend and sometimes surprise me. After scanning the paintings, I continued my experiment digitally with oil and acrylic. This allowed me to amplify the vibrancy, texture and play with some effects.

Beyond the colors and techniques, this collection is my personal ode to nature and our connection to it. It's about those quiet moments of reflection amidst the rustling leaves and the wild, imaginative flights that take us beyond the everyday. When you dive into each piece, I genuinely hope you feel a bit of the wonder, the nostalgia and the introspection that fueled its creation."

- Philipp Rosenhain

The Silent Sonata of October First

Autumnal Reverie — Visions Beyond the Veil  is available now on SuperRare for 1 ETH list price each.